The Word became flesh and made His home among us. He came in truth & love.
— John 1:14

"Is truth absolute or relative?  

Who is Jesus?  

Is He really who He says He is?  

If so, what does this mean for us?  

And if Jesus Christ came in truth and love, why is it so many Christians look like they are walking in truth or love?  These are some of the topics we tackle in this book.  My prayer is that you'll see the glory of God found in the person of Jesus Christ and in that revelation, you'll begin to follow Him more closely and in turn, people will see Christ in you and me.  My prayer is that you'll encounter Jesus on these pages and that people will begin to see that you walk in both truth and love.  I pray that as you go through the Small Group Discussion Guide with other believers, you'll discover how Jesus taught us to deal with conflict and what the Bible actually says about "judging one another."  I pray that believers across the nation will stop tearing each other down with their opinions but will instead encourage one another toward godly living, bringing about the unity Jesus prayed for - the unity that shows unbelievers that we are HIS!  My prayer is that you'll simply follow Jesus a little closer after reading this book." 

- Pastor Jordan Biel 


"Today's 21st Century Western culture focuses a lot on the subject of love but often at the expense of truth.  Biblical illiteracy is at an all-time low in our nation and without that understanding and depth of the Word of God, our "love" is baseless and without form.  Yet, I believe never before has our culture been more hungry for a real experience of love and thousands have left churches because those they met there presented the right theological answers in a way that left out love and acceptance.  Without an encounter with the Giver of truth, our religious structures are empty and lifeless, unable to satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.  Truth is held together by love and love is held together by truth.  

As a dynamic, young emerging leader of his day and prophetic voice in this generation, Jordan Biel has done his diligence on this much-needed topic.  In the middle of a world today that is all too often driven by emotions and political correctness rather than on the reality of the things that will endure, Jordan teas us through these concepts revealed in Scripture.  He invites us to a greater experience with god who is throughout every aspect of both love and truth." 

- Bishop Robert Stearns, Eagles' Wings